Check out the new trailer for Eli Roth's Clown!

So, apparently...Mr. Roth found a trailer to a fake film on YouTube back in 2010 about a cursed clown suit that turns its wearer into a crazed demonic killer. Eli loved the concept so much that he decided to produce a feature based on this fake trailer...and here we are. Couple things that I took away from watching the trailer. For starters, it looks to maintain the same tone as the fake trailer. While the premise was creepy to begin with, it looks like the filmmakers managed to refine that same feel for the feature. The other thing that I noticed is Peter Stormare. We love us some Peter Stormare! 

Anyway, Clown  is the major feature debut of Jon Watts, who also helped with the screenplay. Here's the trailer! 

There's no release date as of this writing...but, GODDAMN does this look all kinds of awesome! Clown  will most likely tour some film festivals before, hopefully, finding its way to a dark theater. I'll let you know the second that I hear of any release date news...I promise.

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