Welcome to THE SUNDAY NIGHT DEVIANT DOUBLE FEATURE where we feature TWO awesome genre films for the price of none!

We started this little thing in an effort to recapture that classic feeling from the old Creature Double Feature shows from the 80's. Tonight, we have a little holiday treat for you!

Some of the best horror films take place around the Christmas season. Gremlins, Silent Night Deadly Night  and Black Christmas  are some great examples of holiday horror films. But, how about some of the lesser known ones? Why don't those films ever get any love. Well, tonight...we dug up some fun, gory and creepy Christmas films that we happen to love.

So, here now for your viewing pleasure are Santa's Slay  and Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale  for your Deviant viewing pleasure. Please enjoy...

Come back next week for a new installment of THE DEVIANT DOUBLE FEATURE!

Thanks for watching!