So, October is over...does that mean that Halloween is done?

Hell no!

Not for us, that is! Halloween exists within all of us...every day...every moment. Whether you sift through your Facebook news feed and "Like" all the cool horror stuff (hopefully from us) out there...or you're watching your favorite horror film for the 666th time this month. Halloween is much more than a day on a calendar...it is the spirit that we embody throughout the year. Even when the normal people are done with the holiday.

A friend asked me last week if I was going to take my Halloween skeleton down from my front door. And I asked him if he ever noticed me putting it up. He never realized that it hangs there all year round. So, that got me thinking about how "normal" people go out and buy all the Halloween stuff from Target during late September and October and revel in the whole holiday for a month...then, it's all over for them. Candy goes on clearance and then they're preparing for Christmas. I thought that was a little odd. I guess I just wasn't raised that way. In my household, Halloween was the one time of the year where everything came full circle. All throughout the year we would be preparing our costume ideas and our new horror film marathons. It was all about the planning and execution for October 31st...however, Halloween was never far from our minds during the rest of the year. We LOVE Halloween in our household and no retail chain or television network will ever dictate when we are supposed to celebrate.

I watch horror films every day...whether it be old classics or new releases. It's just something that I do on a consistent level. It's why Film Deviant exists and why I go to horror conventions in the summer. Or why I wear a Michael Myers t-shirt during Kwanzaa. Somebody wise once told me a long time ago, and I'm sure you've heard something along these lines, that Halloween is the one time every year that being yourself for a month is accepted by society. Words to live by, my friends.

So, if you're feeling a bit down because our favorite horror holiday has come and gone...just remember...Halloween lives inside you, my Deviants. You are the very reason that Halloween is Forever.

Gather round and click the magic pumpkin below for a Halloween surprise, kids! Click...

Thanks for reading,