DEVIANT NEWS: Paramount Makes a Date with Jason

Jason Voorhees finally returns to theaters! Will it be an original take on our favorite serial killer in a hockey mask? Most likely not.

Mark your calendars for March 13th, 2015...because that's the date Paramount has officially set to release a brand new Friday the 13th  film. It's about time, too! The last entry was a pretty decent remake that actually generated enough excitement for fans of the franchise the world over to warrant a new foray into the bloody woods of Crystal Lake. Jason has never looked better, thanks to Derek Mears and a genuine understanding on what makes our beloved homicidal maniac look badass. However, it is our understanding that the producers of this new film are leaning heavily towards the found footage subgenre...which means that this particular installment may very well be doomed before the cameras even start rolling. 

You see...I've always enjoyed the many exploits of horror's prodigal matter how dumb or inconceivable the premise has been. And believe me...there have been many dumb ideas. But, is there any idea dumber than a found footage one for Mr. Voorhees to explore? Personally, I'm happy that there's gonna be a brand new Friday the 13th  film. But, for all the directions that the filmmakers could approach this new outing...why in the fucky fuck would anyone even entertain a found footage idea for this particular character?! It never ceases to amaze me as far as how thoughtless and insipid Hollywood executives can be. I mean...a Paramount producer need not look any further than a comment thread or social media for some really inspired ideas. I read somewhere about how awesome it would be to have all (or most) of the survivors from the previous films in one cool movie looking to lynch Jason's ass for all the pain and torment that he's inflicted on their lives. That idea, alone, presents quite a bit of interesting directions you could take the character...and revisit certain aspects based on nostalgia. Personally, I've always been hungry for a winter setting...and felt that a Christmas Friday the 13th  has been long overdue.

I, for one will be there opening night when this new installment of the Friday the 13th  franchise comes matter what. Why? Because I'm a sucker for horror...and any new Jason movie begs for my attention. Even if it is going to be a stupid found footage film. As of this writing, there are no directors, actors or answers to report...just a date. So, we'll have to wait until March 13th, 2015 to find out if our patience will have been rewarded.

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