Continuing with the defunct 80's movie studio we're having a look at my personal favorite one from the golden era of horror. New World Pictures.

I honestly didn't think that my Vestron Video post was gonna be so popular. I was just stumped on a certain post I needed to write and BAM...there was my VHS horror collection staring at me. So, I thought it would be a cool idea to list off some of my favorites.Then...I log in the other day and notice all the traffic that the Vestron post attracted. So, in an effort to give you guys what you are hungry for...the next logical step was to include my favorite New World Pictures films. 

But, first...a little history!

New World Pictures was founded in 1970 by none other than Roger Corman. Apparently, Corman and his brother Gene left American International Pictures and started their own thing...championing independent films and low budget exploitation films all throughout the 70's. At one point...New World Pictures was considered the last remaining national distributor of low budget films. Nearing the end of the 70's, Corman started to turn his attention to more high-brow international stuff. In 1983, he decided to sell the studio to a bunch of rich guys, while retaining rights to the library.

In 1986, New World Pictures acquired Marvel Comics and a then unknown post-production film company by the name of Lions Gate Studios. The sky was the limit for the studio and, soon...New World Pictures was about to own the universe. Until...the studio started a nasty crack habit which started a strain of television station acquisitions and terrible professional decisions. Soon, the company lost Marvel Comics to Avi Arad and all was lost. the late 90's/early 2000's...New World Pictures started knocking off banks and laundering money offshore. Until, a chance meeting with the CIA that halted their shananigans. Little is known of the studio today. It was last seen hanging out with hookers in Tijuana turning tricks for cheap coke. Such a sad, sad story., some of that stuff may or may not be true. Especially the Tijuana hooker bit.

Still...New World Pictures has put out some of the greatest genre films the world has every seen. It seemed like there was a brand new horror film with the New World logo stamped on it every week at the local West Coast Video. It's a shame...I honestly thought the studio was going to turn into a major player and crank out horror movies for all eternity. Sadly...that was not to be. 

However, today...I'm gonna pick out 10 of my favorite New World Pictures films out of my pile of VHS tapes. So, for at least one more day...New World Pictures rules our world.

Before we dip our proverbial balls into the New World Pictures Top 10...I would like to make mention of two films that just missed my list. Roger Corman is a major inspiration to horror fans the world over. His films display some of the most grotesque and preposterous set pieces that the world of cinema has ever seen. I remember watching Galaxy of Terror  and Humanoids of the Deep  and wondering what could possibly top these films? Then, I saw Cannibal Holocaust  and thought that pretty much anything was game. Sill...both films represented such a great vibe for horror at the time. Over-the-top monster movies with controversial elements and sickening oozy gore. Also...Corman was able to put people like Robert Englund and Sid Haig in his film before they were Robert Englund and Sid Haig! That's fraggin' awesome! So, I would like to give my personal appreciation to Mr. Corman and thank him for his B-movie contributions throughout the years. Also...thank you for New World Pictures, Roger!



Half naked teenage girls and a lunatic with a power drill? Sign me the hell up! Actually...I have to put this film in the top 10 because it gave birth to one of my all time favorite characters in the genre. I know, I know...he's a silly caricature of himself. But, Hosanna in the can you not love Atanas Ilitch's portrayal of the rockin' Driller Killer?? If ever there was a character worth bringing back into a new would be this version of The Driller Killer...guitar-drill and all!

9. C.H.U.D. (1984)

How can you not include this cult favorite?? Everyone's favorite Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers. I have to admit...these things scared the little 10 year old in me when I first saw them. Especially with those big glowing yellow eyes. By the by...doesn't this scene remind anyone of that part in Evil Dead 2  when Henrietta's neck pops out and she gets her deadite head chopped off? Anyone? I'm not saying that Raimi ripped off this particular scene from C.H.U.D....I'm just sayin'. 

8. WARLOCK (1989)

Ok...admittedly, I put this one in my list because...well...why the hell not?? Sure, it's super cheesy. Sure, it stars fucking Julian Sands as an evil Warlock. And...I agree that it has some of the dumbest dialogue that you'll ever hear. But, despite all that stuff...Warlock  is awesome! Like, for serious. Plus...Lori Singer was always teh hawt sex back then. I used to watch this movie on cable whenever it was on. I'd be on my way to go skateboarding...until I glanced over yonder to the TV and noticed Lori, I would stop in my tracks and watch Warlock. Check out how epically epic the trailer is. While the film didn't really "set the world on fire"...the trailer came pretty damn close!

7. RABID (1977)

Rabid  is certainly one of Cronenberg's most underrated films of all time. It mashes all kinds of sub-genres, while delivering a nasty body horror experience. It also presents quite an allegory for sexuality...and the evils that may hide within. Take this hot tub scene, for instance. Two hot girls in a hot tub...what could possibly go wrong??

6. DEAD HEAT (1988)

Come on...Joe Piscopo in a fucking zombie movie?! Treat Williams and Joe Piscopo have such great chemistry in this buddy cop zombie film. I kind of always wished that there was a sequel to this film...despite it's over-the-top goofiness. Take this one scene that involves...of all things...zombie beef!

5. THE STUFF (1985)

There was this one time that I paid like 30 bucks for a replica cup from The Stuff. I brought the cup home and displayed it in my office. My wife came in and asked about which I proudly responded that I purchased it for 30 bucks. She verified that I bought an empty cardboard cup that said "The Stuff" on the side, shook her head and said..."yup, that's my Deviant." I love this film.


What a scary concept! Imagine if you ended up in a desolate Nebraskan town full of crazy kids who all worship He Who Walks Behind the Rows. Pretty messed up, right? I love in this scene after Isaac grabs Malachai how muthafuckas be like..."Oh, shit! I'm late for my gynecologist appointment...peace, son!"

3. HOUSE (1986)

House...(not Hausu) totally scared me when I was a kid. It's got some truly creepy stuff in there. This one scene, in particular, features a demonic woman who gave me nightmares for years. You can check out the scene...I'll just wait outside until your done. What?? Me?? Nah...I'm not scared. Stop looking at me like that, bro. I told you...I'm not scared of that stupid scene anymore. I'm just waiting for...the mailman, you see? I think my new issue of Cosmo comes in today. Sheesh!

2. DEMONS (1985) 

I'm seriously not kidding when I say that I try to work in a Demons  mention in every post that I do haha! I love this film a million times. Seriously, tho...I totally forgot that I had the New World Pictures release from the 80's! So...what can I say that I haven't already said before about Demons?? I can say that Mr. Bobby Rhodes turns 66 today! That's pretty awesome, right?? Here is an epic clip that has all of Bobby's lines from both Demons  and Demons 2! God bless you, fleshtrashheat!

1. HELLRAISER (1987)

There was a moment in time when a man named Clive Barker made his feature film directorial debut. He wrote a story about a bunch of demons who are summoned by a little puzzle box demanding pain and pleasure...and...pain. That moment is forever fossilized in a masterpiece of a film called Hellraiser. The best of all the New World Pictures releases, this film introduced something totally new and inventive. I haven't seen anything that has replicated the sheer originality that Hellraiser  brought into our living rooms back in the late 80's. Beautiful, beautiful film. It's sequel is pretty goddamn awesome, too!

Thanks for reading,