31 DEVIANT DAYS: The Return of the Living Dead (1985)

You know...when I really sit down and think about it. Like...seriously think about it...deep down inside. The Return of the Living Dead  is most likely the one film responsible for my punk rock girl w/ leg warmer fetish that I've had all these years.

The Return of the Living Dead  is one of those horror films that I can seriously watch anytime. Morning, afternoon...night....I love this movie and there is never a bad time for watching it. It is a film that truly has it all. It's hilarious, creepy (it's a stretch, I know...but, the female zombie torso strapped to the metal table creeped me out when I was a kid) and action-packed...all in one. It has dozens of quotable lines. RotLD  also has one of the most iconic movie monsters ever in Tar Man. It is perhaps the goofiest zombie flick of all time...and, yet...one of the most beloved. 

The film is also the perfect barometer for when it comes to courting a potential mate. I've done this, myself, throughout the years. If you're starting out with someone new. Maybe you've just gone out and banged a couple time and he or she (or both) might very well be the "one"...but, you just don't know it quite yet. Bring her/him home one night and pop in your Blu-ray of The Return of the Living Dead  and see what they do. If she cringes and tells you that it's a stupid movie...well, then you know what to do, cowboy. However, if that girl (or guy) tells you how much they love this film....Jesus Christ, man...wipe those tears of happiness away and propose right there on the spot, friend!

Anyway...please sit back and enjoy a time in this cold, harsh place we call Earth when a good time was to be had at the local cemetery. When Thom Mathews and James Karen were just a couple of lovable dimwits who whack the wrong military canister. A time when Linnea Quigley ruled the universe. Do you wanna party? Yes, friends...it's PARTY TIME!

Thanks for watching!