31 DEVIANT DAYS: October Is Here!

The time has come, Deviants! Rejoice! The Festival of the Dead is upon us!

So, October has certainly taken it's sweet goddamn time to arrive. But, it is finally here! People have begun changing their Facebook cover photos to reflect the Season of the Witch and Target has converted their entire seasonal section to match the chill in the air with creepy animatronic candy dishes and exclusive Monster Cereals. TV networks have begun promoting their horror marathons...and that can only mean one thing, ladies and Deviants...Halloween will be here before we know it! Aren't you fucking excited? Jesus Christ...I can hardly contain myself over here. I feel like our time of the year has finally arrived.

I'm sure some of you reading this are probably thinking that Halloween is pretty much every single day of the year. I mean...if you're anything like me...then, you probably wear your Cannibal Holocaust  t-shirt on Thanksgiving or Easter...just the same as you would rock it in October. You probably have your horror movie marathons every month of the year...not just exclusively in October. However, there's no denying that certain feeling in your gut you get whenever August 31st comes and goes. It is that cold shiver that fills your body and ultimately lets you know that the world will finally accept your Deviant ways...if only for a month. And you are free to become the demonic horror movie-loving freak that you normally are any other day of the year. For 31 days..."normal" friends ask you advice on which horror films to watch. You can walk into pretty much any store and peruse their Halloween section. Hell, you can turn on the television and find a horror movie playing somewhere. And, while we normally do this kinda stuff year-round here at Film Deviant...it is this month that's got us all kinds of wet in our most wettest of places.

Please...join us in celebrating our 31 DEVIANT DAYS (31 DOUBLE D'S)...where we'll be posting all kinds of awesome stuff in relation to the most wonderful time of the year! Come with us as we search for the scariest film of all time, as well as unveil a new list of Film Phobias throughout the month. Check out our new weekly segment from our newest Deviant called Bloody Streams...and our usual brand of Film Reviews and Deviant Editorials that you've all grown to love! Also..."LIKE" us on Facebook for some really cool giveaways! There's nowhere else in the known universe where October will be this awesomely evil! Maybe...if you guys are lucky...we'll even sacrifice a virgin for Halloween night!

This is it, Deviants...Halloween is here! Let us embrace the darkest of holidays and celebrate ALL 31 DAYS!

Here's a dude on YouTube talking about how much we need fear...

Thanks for reading,