31 DEVIANT DAYS: Film Phobias - E

E is for Entomophobia - Fear of insects.

Back when I was a kid growing up in the mean streets of Boston, my mother would make my brother and I visit our cousin Olga's home for parties and social gatherings and whatnot. We hated it. Not for the company, mind you. Olga and her kids were quite charming in their own ways. So, we never minded their antics...no matter how cheesy they got. It was the other lifeforms that were living in their home with them that got to us. Roaches. If you were living in an apartment building in the heart of Boston back in the 80's...in the not-so-nice part of town....odds are...there was some kind of roach infestation going on somewhere. Our cousin Olga's apartment seemed like it was fucking ground zero of the infestation.

True story.

Whenever my brother and I knew that we were going to this lady's apartment, we would duct tape around our wrists of the sweatshirts/jackets we were wearing and around the bottoms of our pants. We did this in an effort to not allow the cockroaches to climb into any of our clothing and hitch a ride back to our place. In fact, whenever they offered us cereal...there would be fucking roaches climbing in and out of their goddamn cereal boxes. So, we pretty much starved whenever we went over there. God, it was disgusting. So disgusting...that we pretty much made a game of it in which to keep our minds off of these nasty little creatures. We played "Roach Busters". It was pretty much like Ghostbusters...except, with cockroaches. We would sometimes bring over our squirt guns and fill them with Mr. Clean (because we read that it contained a dangerous chemical called ammonia) and zap all these six-legged muthafuckas. We'd get all medieval on their little asses. Gotta admit...it was fun at the time.

I don't really have a fear when it comes to bugs and stuff. However, I could imagine how someone with Entomophobia would be absolutely terrified in such an environment. Anyway...here's, perhaps, my second favorite of all the insect-related horror films that have ever existed. My first favorite is Phenomena...but, we already featured that film back in August. This one stars the late, great E.G. Marshall in his "Roach Buster" role from the 1982 Romero/King classic Creepshow.  


We'll see you next time for our next installment of Film Phobias!

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