The door creaked open and a dark shadowy figure appeared in the doorway. A sparse light from the moon shown through the crack of the window and revealed a familiar entity who immediately exclaimed...I'M BACK WITH ANOTHER TRAILER PREDICTION, BITCHES!

Ok, so I'm not really good with formalities. I'm a girl with rough edges who leaves broken hearts in my lonely path. So, I'll skip all that "hey, I'm back and I missed you guys" shit and just proceed to this new trailer like I was never gone in the first place. Cool?

HAUNTER (2013)
Director: Vincenzo Natali
Talent: Abigail Breslin, Stephen McHattie
Premise: A ghost helps get rid of a killer.
Release Date: 2013/14
Today we have a new trailer of a film directed by the lovely man who brought us Splice  and Cube. It is the tale of a ghost who died years ago who does her absolute best to help someone alive get rid of a killer. Ok...sounds corny...but, let's give it a go. ROLL TAPE!

My initial reaction to this film is...not too good. While it features the talents of Stephen McHattie (doing his best Lance Henriksen impression) and Abigail Breslin looking all grown up, it just doesn't measure up to anything thrilling or worthwhile. On the other hand, Vincenzo Natali is an AMAZING filmmaker and I mostly trust his vision whenever I hear of a new project of his. I'm just getting the Scooby Doo vibe from this...which isn't really a good thing.

PREDICTION: I honestly don't see good things for this film no matter how much I stare into my crystal ball. It just feels too fluffy and I don't feel like Natali can put any kind of real threat in the film. It will come out, eventually. People will see it. People will forget about it. And Haunter  will end up another lost soul searching for mac & cheese. Not sure what that means. I predict a 2 out of 5.