THE TRAILER CLAIRVOYANT: Curse of Chucky (2013)

The new Red Band trailer for Curse of Chucky  is here! Wanna play?

So, full disclosure: Back when I was a little girl, the very first horror movie that I watched was Child's Play. It's the same old story. Mom and dad went to bed, I snuck out to watch some late night television, Child's Play  was on and Chucky scared the living fuck out of me. The damned doll terrorized me for years, until the films leaned more towards b-movie camp and I was able to look at Chucky as more of a comedian, rather than a psycho killer possessed doll.
Now there's a new film coming out boasting that it's from the creator of the original Child's Play, Mr. Don Mancini. So, naturally, this little horror girl got a little excited. Like in a scared little girl kind of way.

DIRECTOR: Don Mancini
TALENT: Brad Dourif (!), Fiona Dourif (!!)
TAGLINE: "Fear has a new home."
RELEASE DATE: October 8th, 2013 (DVD,Blu-ray)

While an initial teaser was released about a month ago, this one's Red Band. And we love our Red Band around these parts. Especially when they are of the Evil Dead  Red Band variety. I gotta admit...I'm actually pretty excited about this one. Will it make me wet myself? Well, hopefully, those years of therapy paid off.

Here goes nothing!

So, first thing's first. That wasn't a goddamned Red Band trailer! That was as soft as they come. Here I am preparing myself for a total return to my scary childhood, and yet...nothing. Not even one jump scare. As far as Red Band trailers go, that was weak sauce, man! Maybe I'm just grateful that my panties are still dry. Who knows? What I do know is that, all scares aside...this movie looks like unabashed fun! Did I mention Brad Dourif?! Now had they cast another voice actor in the role of the malevolent killer doll, this would have been an utter disappointment. However, Brad Dourif! And may I add that the prospect of seeing Dourif's Chucky stalking his daughter, Fiona, seriously adds some cool factor to this entire thing! I'm also glad to see that Mr. Don Mancini is spearheading this film. It could've all been just an excuse for an easy cash-in and, while I think that may be still true to some extent, at least Chucky's creator is behind the scenes. I'm mostly bummed that the studios don't have enough faith in the movie to give it a theatrical release.

PREDICTION: This is going to be KILLER fun! While the CGI might ultimately keep it from being anything truly memorable and the straight-to-video treatment might very well hurt its impact, this is a Chucky movie through and through and Dourif and Mancini are back! You know...on second viewing I noticed that Dourif's Chucky laugh made my lady parts tingle a little bit. Not sure what that means. I predict a 3 out of 5.