FOREIGN HORROR: Shivers (1975)

Canada has had its share of some truly amazing filmmakers. But, there is one that has truly left his mark and pretty much blew the doors open for future genre filmmakers to come. That man's name is David Cronenberg.
I love David Cronenberg's films. He really knows how to get into the subconscious of his viewers...into that deep place within us all that breeds nightmares. He hasn't made any recent contributions to the genre...but, his place is cemented forever with his many classics. The Fly, Videodrome, Scanners and Rabid...just to name a few, are films that have stood the test of time and are amazing works of art. Everyone has a favorite Cronenberg film. Recently, during an interview with the Twisted Twins, the Soska sisters reveal to us that Dead Ringers  was a huge influence in creating American Mary.
There is one film that has repulsed me in a good way, tho...and that film is Shivers. It takes the zombie subgenre and creates something completely different. Plus...I've had a long-standing crush on the lovely Lynn Lowry.
Check out David Cronenberg's Shivers...presented in terrible quality for your enjoyment ;)

Thanks for watching!