FOREIGN HORROR: Ringu (1998) & The Ring (2002)

7 days...

...of Asian horror cinema, starting today with the one film that truly began the whole Asian explosion of the last decade. Now....while Ringu  certainly wasn't the first horror film from the far East to explore such far out elements and use them to truly scare its audience, it is the first of its kind to shape an all new segment of films utilizing known supernatural ideas into fresh new premises and bold new directions.
Hideo Nakata created an eerie experience with an inventive premise that offered new takes on old notions. Ringu  wasn't like anything else at the time and when you see it today, it is easy to see all the influences it had on the films that came after, leading up to some of the genre stuff that you see today. And whether you are a fan of the film or not, you cannot deny the direct correlation Ringu  shares with today's horror landscape.
Check it out for yourself and see why it is regarded as a pivotal Asian horror film...

To understand Ringu's influence completely, you need not look any further than its American counterpart released in 2002, The Ring. The film took everything from the original and amped the elements up significantly with some of the more Western characteristics and inventive special effects.
The Ring  is the superior film of the two, in my opinion, as it offers a much more refined horror experience to its audience. It remains my favorite Gore Verbinski film as it shows a filmmaker on the brink of commercial success...just before he decided to forego artistic quality for much greener pastures. Check out The Ring  below and let us know which one you like best.

Thanks for watching!