FOREIGN HORROR: Re-visiting A Serbian Film

I watched A Serbian Film  on Christmas when it first came out. A friend of a friend had a DVD copy of the film that had the word "SCREENER" on it. Nothing else. I was eventually handed the disc and told, very specifically, to watch it alone. So, this particular friend called me on Christmas day to wish me a Happy Holidays and to ask if I still had that DVD that he loaned me. I told him that I hadn't gotten around to watching it yet...but, I'll do so soon. Well...upon his insistence that I watch the film sooner than later (he wanted it back ASAP)...I watched A Serbian Film  alone on that Christmas night. I can tell you with complete confidence that it ranks among the most memorable Christmas experiences of my life.

Srdjan Spasojevic crafted his infamous A Serbian Film  as a reflection of the political environment that has sacked his home country of Serbia ever since he could remember. A climate that hasn't really gotten any better. He cites that reflection as a therapeutic way of turning the hardships of his country into a fictitious horror film. Something that could be taken anyway you want to see it. Something that can be interpreted literally...yet, created with one intention in mind. To scare the viewer into recognizing the pains of others.

I literally showered after I watched A Serbian Film  and hugged my family that much tighter and thanked Jesus for living where I do. I know it sounds a bit silly...but, if you've seen the'll know what I mean.

I have to admit, the premise is a pretty intriguing one. Milos (played by  Srđan Todorović) is a (sorta) retired porn star who lives with his family. And because he is strapped for cash, he is approached by a sinister "filmmaker" looking to explore the boundaries of avant-garde pornography with Milos in mind. Well...what follows is truly a spiral into the dark corridors of mankind. To be honest...I've watched the film a couple of more times, just to see if it had the same impact on me. And....yes. Yes it does.

So, below is A Serbian Film  presented its intended state. I caution you...if you've never seen the film before and are a casual horror film fan...LEAVE NOW. This isn't a film to be fucked around with. It will stay inside of you and live there forever. I realize that I say all of this knowing full well that it is only a movie. However, this is more than just a movie. It is someone else's pains bleeding on a screen in vivid frames leaving nothing to imagination. It is a beautiful looking glance into the depravities that exist in this dark world that will seriously haunt you.

So...with all of that in mind....please enjoy...A Serbian Film.

Thanks for watching!