FOREIGN HORROR: Kuchisake-onna (2007)

Go get yourself some popcorn...we have a special treat for you today!

If you follow everything horror-related on the almighty interwebz like we do, then you've probably seen those meme/gifs where the one Asian girl with the creepy eyes opens her mouth only to have it rip open into a freaky kind of slit. Well, friends...that particular scene is from a Japanese horror film called Kuchisake-onna...or Carved: A Slit-Mouthed Woman.

Directed by Koji Shiraishi, the film is based on an old Japanese legend where a woman, whose face was slit open by a samurai for being a no good triflin' ho, roams the streets of Japan with a surgical mask on...asking innocent bystanders if she's pretty. Depending on your answer, she'll either slice you in half or tell you to have a nice day. Typical woman.

Anyway, enough with my babbling...check out the film below!

Thanks for watching!