God...I love this film! And we have it for you in today's installment of our 31 DAYS OF FOREIGN HORROR!

There is no other 80's film that I watch more regularly than Lamberto Bava's Demons. I'm dead serious. I watch Demons  religiously multiple times every week. Is that weird? I's not like this film is a perfect example of cinema or anything. In might very well argue how deeply flawed the film is. Terrible acting. Cheesy music and dialogue. Absolute over-the-top gory special effects. And yet...I love it all.

I don't love Demons  in like, one of those ironic hipster kinda ways. You know...loving it because it obviously sucks and you're cool because you love it. I fucking loved Demons  before hipsters even existed. I'm sure that if you were ever to take the time to see...Demons  is mentioned the most out of any horror film on this site. Hell...I'd change the name of the site to if it wasn't already taken and just talk about Demons  the whole time.

I own Demons  on every possible format available. VHS, VHS-letterboxed, LaserDisc, DVD, DVD-special edition (multiple variants), Blu-ray, Blu-ray Steelbook, special edition coloring book, etc.

I don't know what it is about this film that causes me to obsess over it. And despite all of my passionate love for Demons, I honestly wouldn't mind if they remade this film 20 times over. Shit, I've been supporting a big-budget remake of Demons  since Dario Argento started making crappy movies.

Bobby Rhodes and Geretta Geretta both wished me a happy birthday this past year and now I feel like I have nothing more to live for. Demons, for me, represents a time in horror film when pure entertainingly original horror films were still made all the time with complete passion and care. And it's pure unabashed horror fun!

Anway...I've chatted way too long here. TIME TO WATCH DEMONS!

Thanks for watching Demons!