FOREIGN HORROR: Eden Lake (2008)

Before we begin our descent into European horror, let's check out a film from the UK that starred Magneto...before he was Magneto.

Eden Lake basically introduced me to the criminally talented Michael Fassbender. He is pretty goddamn awesome in the film. So is his co-star, Kelly Reilly. She hasn't really been in anything significant since Eden Lake. At least, nothing as good. Actually, I take that one back. Flight  was pretty good.
If you haven't seen Eden Lake  yet...I beg you to check it out. It is a great cat-and-mouse thriller that has fun with its antagonists and boasts some solid performances all throughout. It's the kind of thing that makes you think twice about taking your loved one out to the lake for a nice little getaway. I won't say anymore because there's some really cool twists that happen along the way.
Please enjoy...James Watkins' Eden Lake...

Thanks for watching!