DEVIANT TRAILER: S-VHS (2013) Red Band Trailer!

The Red Band trailer for S-VHS  is here!

I have to say...this thing looks great! We've been hearing really good things about this sequel and we seriously cannot wait until we see it for ourselves! In the meantime, the Red Band trailer has been unleashed unto the masses earlier today. So far, I see aliens, zombies, mass suicides, more zombies, spontaneous combustions and boobies. This film looks like a Film Deviant's wet nightmare come true!
Ok...enough with the silly banter...behold the Red Band trailer for S-VHS...or V/H/S/2...or whatever...

What did we tell ya?? Pretty goddamn awesome, huh?? V/H/S/2  hits VOD on June 6th and is set for a theatrical release on July 12th!

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