DEVIANT NEWS: Let's Go Back To Midian!

Are you ready to go back to where the monsters live? We may finally get the chance to do so!

Nightbreed  is one of those films that really should have been much bigger than it ultimately was. The film lends itself perfectly to action figures, movie artwork and other merchandising, it positively perplexes the mind as to why this film never really took off. Still, Nightbreed  does maintain a special place in the hearts of genre fans the world over. Russell Cherrington understood this, which is why he organized The Cabal Cut. If you're familiar with The Cabal Cut  then you'll know that Cherrington and company have been touring the world showing this extensive version of Nightbreed  in a complete format...utilizing old VHS/DVD footage that he personally obtained from Clive Barker's house. Cherrington personally hoped that Morgan Creek (the original distributor of Nightbreed) would eventually release an ultimate edition of Nightbreed - The Cabal Cut.

Now, some of us here at Film Deviant have seen this version and, while we admit that it is extremely long and tedious, we also agree that every fan of the film really needs to check out The Cabal Cut. Well, it seems that Cherrington's crusade will have been worth it appears that Morgan Creek is moving forward with a distribution deal for an ultimate edition of Nightbreed - The Cabal Cut. No official word has been announced yet about specifics but, we assume that news will come a little later this year. The bit that has us salivating is the interest of a Nightbreed  television show. Apparently there is an unnamed network that is genuinely interested in picking up Barker's brilliant vision of monsters living in a place called Midian as a TV series. Can you even begin to fathom the possibilities? Unfortunately, it is unknown as of this writing as to which network is the interested party. Just please don't let it be SyFy. I'd hate to see this opportunity turn into some CGI mess with a "hip" cast. Hopefully, it's someone like Showtime or Cinemax...or even AMC. That would be really cool.

In any event...we are super stoked that Nightbreed  is still on people's tongues and, hopefully (with a little luck) on our television screens sometime in the near future. In the meantime, let the fan casting begin! Derek Mears for Peloquin...anyone? Who do you think would play a good Dr. Decker? Narcisse?? OMG...Shuna Sassi???

Thanks for reading,