DEVIANT TRAILER: Carrie (2013)

I suppose we should talk about that Carrie  trailer that came out last week.
We already went through the whole 1976 vs. 2013 thing here when the first remake photos surfaced. So, don't worry...we won't go through all of that again this time around. Instead, we'll focus on first impressions of this new trailer. We didn't really feel the need to comment on this particular trailer when it first hit...because, well....EVIL DEAD! But, now that we have gotten a chance to cool down after that particular event we are.
This new offering feels like a tame PG-13 version of a more mature and substantial version that already exists. And that's because...well, that's what this thing is. Just a safer film. Or at least...that's what the trailer feels like. I realize that you can't really judge a film based on a 2 1/2 minute trailer. That's what the Trailer Clairvoyant is for. But, since she's traveling the world searching for self are left with my honest thoughts.
I guess the weirdest part for that there's a fuckin' toll free number to "Call Carrie" at the end of this thing. Anyway...check it out for yourself...

Perhaps the coolest looking part of the whole thing is Julianne Moore. She plays crazy like no other actress and here she is letting loose. This remake will probably be fine for what it is...but, I'm mostly excited to see Moore as the religious psycho-bitch.
Carrie  hits theaters October 18th.

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