Welcome to Film Deviant's DEVIANT SHORT FILM WEEK! We will be having a look at some of the best short films around dedicated to provoking fear, disgust, tension and just about every other primal emotion that you don't normally provoke. Now let's get this fucking party started, huh?!

We're gonna start things off nice and proper with a film written by David Scullion and directed by Anthony Melton. Both are from the UK collective known as Bloody Cuts. They're pretty notorious for creating some pretty Deviant stuff across the pond and their latest production called "Don't Move" is no exception.

Usually, the mark of any good horror short film is the ability to elicit tension and fear in such a short amount of time. It is the horror equivalent of telling a really funny short joke. You have the set up and punchline hitting you at almost break neck speeds. Most horror shorts fail because they dwell too much on one and not enough on the other. The perfect execution involves striking that perfect balance between set-up and punchline and making good on whatever particular punchline the filmmaker has in store. Often, it is the master storyteller that makes the best horror short filmmaker.

"Don't Move" is the eighth production in the Bloody Cuts catalogue and it delivers gore and supernatural thrills in a tension-filled scenario. We won't say too much about it...other than...with friends like these...who needs demons?

Check it out...

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