DEVIANT TRAILER: The Conjuring (2013)

February usually sucks for horror. That's why we've been so slow this month. Usually, January starts off with the very first horror film of the, that month isn't too bad. And there's also the whole Best Of and Worst of lists that keep traffic flowing nicely. Then we hit February and everything slows down to a freakin' crawl. These days...the only cool thing about February is that we now have the second half of The Walking Dead  season to look forward to. Which reminds me...Andrea is a triflin' dumb bitch! Anyway...the new trailer for The Conjuring  is now out.

James Wan is one of the genre's better working directors. While he basically got the ball rolling for torture porn horror, which sort of stagnated the genre for a whole decade, he's also one of those filmmakers who understands what scares us. His last effort, Insidious, kind of divided horror fans. On one side...he sort of bored audiences looking to truly be scared. On the other side...he scared the living fuck out of us (myself included). So, he's back with another one of those supernatural creepfests with The Conjuring.

I gotta say...I'm not so sure about this one. While I like the first part of the trailer where they're playing that clapping game and she wanders into some closet, the very last scene sort of leaves me underwhelmed. But, I do appreciate the trailer giving us a good sense of the atmosphere.

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think!

The Conjuring  stars Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga and the always dependable Lili Taylor. Expect it to scare theater audiences senseless July 19th!

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