Thursday, December 20, 2012

DOOMSDAY WEEK: Prince of Darkness (1987)

John Carpenter's Apocalypse Trilogy includes The Thing, Prince of Darkness  and In the Mouth of Madness. All classic films. However, I've always been partial to Prince of Darkness.

 It holds the distinction of being the very first R rated film that I ever sneaked into. Those days...they actually carded you at the movie theaters. When I finally sat down to watch it...I remember being frightened in several different ways. I think Prince of Darkness  also had a helping hand in making me question religion. The film still holds up today and boasts one hell of a moustache from Jameson Parker. Seriously...the moustache should've had its own credit. Also...Donald Pleasence!
I love, love, love this film...and you should, too! And if there's ever one last film to watch before the world goes pop...this would be the one. Or maybe Spies Like Us. Hmmm...
Please enjoy...

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