DEVIANT TRAILER: Silent Night (2012)

Remember that Christmas horror movie from the 80's that got parents all up in arms, which led to a mass boycott of the film...which led to it only being out for a couple weeks...which led to VHS infamy?'s back!

This time in remake form. Steven C. Miller is on board as director this time around. You may remember him as that guy who directed/wrote that movie that one time with the zombie-eating baby? Silent Night  stars Jaime King, Malcolm McDowell and (my current crush) Cortney Palm...which pretty much means that I'll be watching this on opening night with aspirations of Cortney Palm nude scenes. The trailer looks to be Direct-to-DVDish kind of stuff...but, it might be fun.

Check it out...


Silent Night  actually comes out in select theaters on November 30th! Will it be banned like the original? Probably not. Perhaps it'll just bomb.

On the other hand...Cortney Palm is in it!

Thanks for reading!