DAYS OF THE DEAD came to Chicago in mid November and ripped a deep bloody gash into the hearts of horror fans who attended. And now...we're counting down the days until they return!

Days of the Dead ain't your typical money-devouring beast. It is a convention created with the sole intention of giving back to the very genre that the creators love dearly. It takes a special kind of horror enthusiast to put together such an event and the team behind DOTD have proven that they can create, not only a place where fans of the genre can meet their longtime film heroes and buy cool shit but, a haven for all the "freaks" of nature who share a love for a genre that is usually dismissed by the general public. DOTD provides an amazing experience for those that are attracted to the darker side of film and entertainment. And for that...we appreciate their existence.

Chicago has always been a city accepting of many different cultures and interests, as well as a mecca for amazing events. So, for Mr. Adolfo Dorta and his team, it was a no-brainer to bring their Days of the Dead to the big city. Originally premiering in Indianapolis last July, DOTD is pretty new to the Windy City, despite being home to Dorta and fellow organizer, and girlfriend, Carrie Gedeon. Both did a fine job ensuring such an incident-free and memorable event for everyone on hand. The DOTD crew also made sure that the rock star attitude was in full effect spilling the event's nightly parties over to the next morning. If you're crafty enough, you might find a video on the interwebz of Laurence Harvey (The Human Centipede II) singing his version of Sweet Caroline during one of the karaoke events.

Over the weekend, guests included the always awesome Roddy Piper and Keith David, who also held an amazing They Live  Q&A panel accounting the making of the film. Piper also entertained the audience along with fellow pro wrestling legend, Mick Foley with their comedy routine.

DOTD also hosted a rare Fright Night  reunion which brought together the surviving cast members of the original 80's classic film. Our own Film Deviant staff camera man, Nathan Dant, finally got a chance to live out his dream of meeting Amanda Bearse. Genre veterans Mary Woronov, PJ Soles, Heather Langenkamp, Amanda Wyss, Michael Berryman, William Katt, Linnea Quigley, Bill Mosely and the awesome Sid Haig were all in attendance.

The weekend's events also included newer faces of the genre with the likes of Josh Stewart, Emma Fitzpatrick, Derek Mears, Nick Principe, Todd Farmer, Sarah French, Ashley C. Williams and the aforementioned Laurence Harvey. DOTD also added to the already eclectic mix of celebrities by giving Kiss fans the opportunity to meet Peter Criss in his last convention appearance ever.

I realize that there are always numerous horror conventions that go on every year with many different celebrities, as well as their own brand of entertainment. And while I've been to countless different genre events over the years, I can honestly tell you that I've never been to one where the spirit of why we all love horror was everywhere and could be felt by everyone who attended. Days of the Dead is a horror convention made by fans for the fans. And as long as horror exists, Days of the Dead will never die.


For more Days of the Dead info please visit their website HERE and like them on Facebook HERE! There next stop is Atlanta in February!

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