Alas...the 31 Days of Michael Myers has come to its conclusion...and Samhain is upon us

That's not to say that the legend is over. Halloween  exists within us all. Every year...around this time, all the freaks come out of hiding. Our true selves can be seen for 31 days. And Michael Myers stalks the streets of Haddonfield in some parallel universe somewhere.
This has been a very interesting journey, to say the least. We've learned quite a bit about The Shape and what he's about. We've discovered the secrets of Haddonfield, as well as uncovered some interesting facts behind each film in the series. John Carpenter's Halloween  is a film that will go on forever. And Michael will be waiting in the shadows.

Watching the classic film in the theater actually reinvigorated my love for it and made me realize how well the movie holds up even with today's audiences. It's an amazing study of fear and harrowing manisfestation of the boogieman.
We thank you very much for keeping up with our little trip into the mind of Michael Audrey Myers and we leave you with this:
"In order to appease the gods, the Druid priests held fire rituals. Prisoners of war, criminals, the insane, animals... were... burned alive in baskets. By observing the way they died, the Druids believed they could see omens of the future. Two thousand years later, we've come no further. Samhain isn't evil spirits. It isn't goblins, ghosts or witches. It's the unconscious mind. We're all afraid of the dark inside ourselves."
-Dr. Samuel Loomis