Welcome all to another SUPER HORRIFIED OCTOBER here at Film Deviant! If you've been following us for awhile, then you might know that we've already done the 31 Nights of Horror stuff already. So, we decided to do something different this year. You know...'cause we're all about keeping things funky fresh.

Now...we thought about doing the usual Watch A Horror Movie Every Fucking Day For A Month thing like all the other sites are doing this time of year. But, we understand that you come to expect something more when you click onto our little dark corner of the internet. And because of that sentiment, we dug deeper...and thought of the one person who has become synonymous with this chilling season. Michael Myers. We thought...what better than to dedicate the entire month of October to the one man who "came home" on Halloween?? We were actually quite shocked that no one's ever really done it before. At least not an entire month.

So, please join us...as we begin a month-long journey into the world of John Carpenter's Halloween  and who Michael Audrey Myers is...and what makes him tick. We will discover things that we never knew before and we will provide an in-depth retrospective of all the Halloween films (including the remakes). Unmasking "The Shape" together.

If you are a Halloween  fan like we are...this will be one hell of a journey!