Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Perhaps the most downloaded horror theme ringtone of all time, John Carpenter's Halloween  theme is among the most chilling of soundtracks.

True story: I was standing in line at a Starbucks just last week and, all of a sudden, the Halloween  theme song started playing. I turned my head, only to notice a young woman answering her phone and glancing back at me with a shy smile. Just then, another Halloween  theme song started playing. This time an older man fumbled to answer his phone. Later, I noticed that both the young girl and older man discussed how funny it was that they had the same ringtone. After I picked up my "Soy Chai", I changed my ringtone from the Halloween  main theme song to "The Shape Stalks".

It's easy to see how Carpenter's Halloween  soundtrack has become THE go-to ringtone for the season. It's haunting...it's simple...and it symbolizes, possibly, the best known indie genre film of all time. I'm actually looking forward to seeing the soundtrack in all its glory back on the big screen this month. I wonder if John knew how iconic the score would become when he created it.

Here's a truly impressive rendition of the Carpenter classic...as performed by GoldenTusk.




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