Saturday, October 13, 2012

31 DAYS OF MICHAEL MYERS: Terrordrome're telling me that there's a game in existence where you can play as one of your favorite horror movie villains and battle against each other?? Where the fuck do I sign up??!

Unfortunately, the video game in question isn't available right now...other than on some programmer's hard drive. Probably tangled up in legal rights and whatnot. But, could you fathom such a game?? One it's made available again...I will probably never leave my house! Ash vs. Jason...Michael Myers vs. Freddy...Pinhead vs. Freddy! Jesus...the possibilities are endless! And the finishing moves! This seriously needs to happen right now!
Here's a video demo of how the video game looks like (try not to let the drool hit your keyboard)...

As of this writing the link to download the game is broken. However, you can keep checking the TERRORDROME website for more info on when it will be available again. I've already bookmarked the site and have been checking all day.



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