In the Spring of 1978...there was only one man that could put on the iconic mask and play the role that would later become the stuff of legends.

Actually, it was technically two men. But, Nicholas Charles Castle Jr., played Michael Myers for the majority of the film. Castle was born in Kingsport, Tennessee on September 21st, 1947. His father worked in film as an actor and cinematographer. Castle sometimes appeared as an extra in some of his father's films. He later attended USC, where he formed a friendship with John Carpenter.

When it came time to play The Shape, Carpenter kept bugging Nick to play the role. Castle only intended to hang out around the set and have fun with his friend. He was offered $25 a day to play Michael Myers and was assured that no one would see him under the mask. Castle agreed...only as a favor to his long-time friend.

Carpenter offered very little direction when it came time for Castle's onscreen performance. He basically told Nick to walk from one marker to the other. Myers' signature head-tilt was actually a last second idea from Carpenter...when he told Nick to sort of observe his victims after he dispatched them. Kind of blows the mind when you think of how iconic some of these subtle gestures are today.

After Halloween, Castle when on to direct films. His most notable is The Last Starfighter, which went on to become a financial success, as well as a cult favorite. I don't remember how many times I've wanted to get a Beta version of myself in order to save the fucking universe. Castle also co-wrote Carpenter's Escape From New York.

Without Nick Castle, Michael Myers might've come across a little different from what we know him to be today. Perhaps he might've been a little stiffer...or more awkward. Castle played the role effortlessly and natural. And, for that...he will forever have a place in horror film history.

We love you, Nick!