31 DAYS OF MICHAEL MYERS: Halloween II Blu-ray

Halloween II  is my favorite Myers sequel of them all. John Carpenter was originally going to make Halloween  a stand alone film...until, of course, it became a blockbuster hit and made the studio all kinds of money. I like it because it picks ups directly after the first film. Let's discuss...shall we?

We posted the uncut film on our awesome little website a couple days ago...because we adore you guys so much. So, hopefully...everyone's gotten a chance to check it out. Altho, if you haven't seen these films yet....then, well...all hope is lost. I won't go into too much detail with the film because Lord knows there's already tons of sites out there that have written thesis-like articles on these films. But, I will mention a couple of really important things.
The first of which is the definitive version of this film. Let's face it...if you are a fan of the original film, this is a must own. And, tho I'm sure many of you already own just about every release of this film (I, personally, own the widescreen VHS version as well as the Universal DVD), there is one recent release that demands your hard-earned cash.

Scream Factory is a company that was born out of the love for classic horror films of the 70's/80's. Originally created as a sub-division of Shout! Factory, Scream Factory's mission is to find those obscure genre films that have never really gotten a proper release on any format. Halloween II  is one of those films. While the film isn't necessarily obscure in any way, it has yet to enjoy an all out release that is really worth your had earned cash. There have been a handful of notable releases throughout the years...but, I'm here to tell you that if you have yet to pick up the film on Blu-ray (and haven't already spent money on the Universal 30th Anniversary Blu-ray)...this is the one.
Scream Factory really went all out with their Collector's Edition Blu-ray (which is also available on DVD at your local Target!). They jam-packed it with hours of bonus features...including the alternate ending that was shown on TV years ago. It has a number of awesome featurettes and deleted scenes and really cool commentaries. You can tell that Scream Factory is made up of hardcore fans of the genre like ourselves with all the extra care that they put into this double-disc release. It even comes with a reversible cover depicting the original pumpkin-skull artwork, should you ever tire of the amazing cover art provided in the new release!

Halloween II also marks the last time John Carpenter worked on a film involving his creation...Michael Myers. While some of his characters continued on in later films, Carpenter's involvement was pretty much slim to none in the subsequent chapters that featured The Shape. His plans were to keep releasing Halloween films that consisted of different stories and characters.
I love Halloween II  for all the iconic moments in the film. The "bloody tears", the walking through a glass door scene, the stabbing of a nurse and lifting her off the ground scene, etc. Even the fact that it truly showcases the Halloween season with trick or treaters and what not. It's a Halloween film in the truest sense of the word. There's also a really cool duel between Michael Myers and Dr. Loomis. If you ignore the rest of the films in the series...then, it really serves as a nice epic final chapter between good and evil.

Halloween II  is among the best of horror film sequels of all time and deserves a place on your movie shelf. Scream Factory went to great lengths to deliver an amazing version with their Collector's Edition Blu-ray available right here with limited edition Haddonfield Memorial Hospital paper nurse hat!