Some fans of the franchise tend to look at Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers  favorably. We're not among those fans.
While the film does have a few tiny bright spots, it is most notable for two things. The first is the fact that it is Donald Pleasance's last turn as the timeless Dr. Samuel Loomis. And it also holds the distinction of being among the only Halloween  entries with multiple versions.
Now, we won't go into too much depth about all the different versions. Because to write about a severely flawed film in length and its many sub par variants would just be wasting every one's time here. Especially considering the film has its many advocates. However, we will say that if you are going to sit through this train wreck of a Halloween  film, the "producer's cut" would offer the most complete experience. It is available in bootlegged form HERE. Because Disney couldn't be bothered to make some fans happy and shell out a couple of bucks for the film to enjoy a decent release in its most complete cut.
The best part about the 6th installment of Halloween  (at least for us) is the simple fact that it offers a final look at one of the most essential elements of the series...Dr. Loomis. It's a really nice moment and captures a good man and his eternal fight with evil. Pleasance was an amazing actor and he will forever be a part of Michael Myers...just as much as Myers is a part of him.
Here is, perhaps, the best moment of Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers...