FILM REVIEW: Detention (2011)

So I got my sticky little fingers on a little time travel comedic horror film mashup going by the name of one thing we all feared in school - Detention.
This film has every aspect of a teen high school horror...ya know, the weird group of hipster kids that hate each other but end up together all the time. We get a nice little back story on some of them throughout the film. The weird principal, played by none other than Dane Cook. The awkward girl named Riley Jones (Shanley Caswell) who is stalked by a virgin creeper named Sander (Aaron David Johnson) but, has a secret crush on the cute kid named Clapton (Josh Hutcherson), who is dating the cute cheerleader, Ione (Spencer Locke). Got all that? The cliches just get better and better.

There's a fun little sequence at the beginning that involves the morning of popular girl, Taylor (Alison Woods) and the morning of the not so popular suicidal girl, Riley (Caswell) which is pretty interesting to say the least. The killer in this movie is pretty snazzy. Donning a beautiful tiara and taking on the appearance of a fictional horror movie slasher called "Cinderhella" (I wonder where the fairy godmother went wrong haha). So, they all end up at this fun house party where "Cinderhella" shows up to lighten the mood by killing the best looking guy of the group...the film's obligatory jock named Billy Nolan (Parker Bagley). As a result of the murder the friends get Saturday detention and oh no!!! It's the same day as PROM!

So, during this fun breakfast club-ish detention, the kids have this fun conversation as they try to rule out each other as the killer. They meet this kid, Elliot (Walter Perez), who takes us on nice little trip all the way back to 1992, which is pretty fun...considering we get to see how kids, music and fashion have changed since. We also get a cool little story on hot girl Ione and her 90's obsession. So after this little mash up the friends figure out that the slasher (Cinderhella) is at the school and bam - let the games begin!

I, for one, would rather sit and watch Scream  over and over again. Although Detention  did possess a cool killer, a cool concept and a badass soundtrack...I really wouldn't watch it again. There really is no room for thought in this film as the characters jump from one thing to another haphazardly, which makes everything less interesting since you lose track of things. I believe writer/director Joseph Kahn would've had much better success running Detention as one of those spastic MTV shows.

One thing I did learn from the film is that in case of a zombie apocalypse we should all go to Costco...since zombies don't have a membership ;)

Deviantly yours,