Okay, I love Amazon. I could totally shop for at least 80% of everything I want on Amazon. Now that the trade-in feature exists, I have been able to trade in tons of books and DVDs that were previously just taking up precious movie room space for FREE AMAZON GIFT CARDS. God, it’s just my most favorite thing on the internet right now.

Anyway, I have been buying lots of tapes with my Amazon trade-in money. Flesh Eating Mothers, The Majorettes, Frozen Terror, Transmutations, Fright House (Al Lewis!), Twice Dead, Fade to Black (I can’t afford the DVD), Psychos in Love, The Final Terror, The Crawlers, Parents, and Welcome to Spring Break  were all bought by trade. So psyched on that.

The rest of those were pick ups from various Goodwills a few weeks ago. I’ll probably hand off Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet  to my dad. I couldn’t pass up another cover for Fright Night  for 88 cents. The Skateboard Kid  looks like a dumb 90s kids movie that I’d love (I think there’s a sequel too). Repo Jake  stars Dan Haggerty…clearly I’m going to buy that.


New arrivals in the mail today. Both of these movies are weird, but Grandma’s House  is kind of supremely weird. Psyched to watch these whenever I can stop obsessively watching old X-Files  episodes.



I went to two new (to me) thrift stores last weekend and, of course, headed straight for the VHS tapes.

Killer’s Edge: This looks bad. Really bad. But, Karen Black is in it and so is Robert Z’Dar. Two actors with very distinctive faces!

Teen Sorcery: I unashamedly love stupid teen movies. This is distributed by Full Moon!

The Flamingo Kid: This was in perfect condition and it’s just a good movie.

The Exterminator: Like I’m not going to buy this for 99 cents.


I am not a completist. I am not really a serious collector, unless you count being seriously obsessed. There are much more informed collectors out there that know all the backgrounds of the companies and releases. I don’t, I probably never will.

I collect because searching for and watching VHS tapes reminds me of my childhood. I grew up as a weird loner and watching movies with my family was always my favorite part of the week. I still like telling my dad what I found, even though we live six hours apart now. I don’t need every title from a certain company, and I don’t particularly care about rarity or trading. The fun of digging through thrift stores and visiting mom and pop shops is what appeals to me.

Hoarding movies runs in my family. Here’s just a bit of my dad’s collection (I bought him that awesome clapping monkey! It’s original!):

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