My name is Amy and I’m obsessed. This is my attempt at documenting my horror movie and poster collection. By nature, I’m a collector, bordering on the fanatical. None of my childhood collections (troll dolls, Smurf glasses, California Raisins, weird salt and pepper shakers…) survived adolescence and made their way into adulthood except for horror movies. And, I’ll admit, R.L. Stine books.

I’ve been amassing VHS tapes, DVDs, posters, and horror-themed stuff for, well, quite a while. After moving four times in five years, I decided to try to actually look through my collections and enjoy them, rather than boxing them up and shuffling my stuff around from apartment to apartment.

I’ll only post what I own here. I have a 20+ page Amazon wish list, and any of my disposable income (of which there is little, I’m a graduate student) usually goes toward movies or posters. If I ever make good on my pipe dream of running an old movie theater, I’ll have more than enough to decorate the place.

So, hi!


A few weeks ago, I had an entire Saturday to do whatever I wanted. That turned out to be taking pictures of all my uncut VHS slipcases. It was cool to go through a bunch of them and remember the movie and where I got them. I also found my copy of Angus again, so yay.

The Offspring (1987): Also known as From a Whisper to a Scream. I watched this when I was a kid, then again with my dad after we found this copy for a dollar at a small town video shop in central Illinois. This movie holds up. I love anthology formats and this is a good one. Plus, Vincent Price is in this being old as hell.

Zoltan, Hound of Dracula (1978): Fifty cents at a pawn shop, I’m not gonna say no.

Children of the Corn V (1998): Some of these sequels really suck, but I’ll buy anything horror-related for a dollar.

The Witches (1990): If you didn’t love this as a kid, you’re weird. It’s actually fairly bizarre.  I got this for a dollar at a pawn shop.

Trilogy of Terror (1975): Good movie. Karen Black is one of my all-time favorite actresses. The tag says $1.99, but I know I paid half that at a place where all VHS tapes were fifty percent off (I went nuts). Another anthology!

Tales From the Crypt (1972): Awesome 70s horror. I’m a crazy big fan of the series, but this movie is atmospherically creepy in a way that the series can’t be. Anthologies, love them.

My dad raised me on horror movies. He has bought me tons of movies over the years and nearly all of the nice original posters I have. My dad, being the awesome dad he is, always buys me a Valentines Day present that he knows I’ll like.

This year he sent me the Wizard Video big box release of The Headless Eyes. I love that the cover has the “Too Gory for the Silver Screen” icon on the front. It’s in pretty good shape and looks way nice next to my Elvira big boxes.


Amy Michael is a rare breed of horror film enthusiast. It is because of fans like her that the genre can continue to thrive and crossover from generation to generation. We, here at Film Deviant, sincerely applaud her efforts in amassing the greatest horror VHS collection known to mankind and we'll be archiving her progress as well as posting any new content she has to offer.  You can stay up to date with her adventures on SlaugherHi.