FILM REVIEW: Intruders (2011)

Intruders  finally made its way to your nearest Red Box. Is it worth the dollar rental?

That question really depends on what your philosophy of money is. Like, for example, if you're a devoted family man who happens to enjoy good horror movies on the weekends. Perhaps you might wanna save your money for more important milk or your child's education. However, if you happen to be an exotic dancer who has the ability to "make it clap" and you have dollar bills for days...and like potentially good horror films with shitty endings. Maybe you might wanna give this one a whirl.

At one time or another, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo seemed like an up-and-coming genre director who might go on to do bigger things. He was given the opportunity to direct the follow up to 28 Days Later and, for the most part, ended up impressing more people than not with his efforts. He may very well get that "big" opportunity if the Highlander  reboot makes it to pre-productionland. However...just as is the case in any young film director's career, before the eventual big budget reboot failures, you must endure the low budget straight-to-Red Box failures. Enter Intruders.

Now, before I continue, I just wanna say's not like Intruders  is an altogether bad film----wait, scratch that.'s not like Intruders fails completely---wait, that's not really accurate, either.'s not like Intruders  is the worst film in the world. It does have some good things going for it.

For one, Ella Purnell is in this and she pretty much steals the entire movie right from under Clive Owen's failed attempt to bring his always reliable hard edge to a role that called more for a delicate touch. I'm not saying that Purnell is a much better actor than Clive Owen...but, she does kick his ass in this film. Since her character has certain events that take away her basic skill to express her emotions through speech, she's pretty much relegated to using her eyes and facial gestures to convey any peril she may be experiencing...which is quite impressive, given her young age.

Another cool thing about Intruders is the antagonist dubbed "Hollow Face". A really cool being that really deserved a much better film. I mean...just take a look at that poster up top...fuckin' badass! I could've seen the creepiness in this particular monster become much more threatening in the hands of better script writers. Even in the most pointless of scenes, he does come across as a menacing character. It's just too bad that the hollowness of the character overshadows his overall menace because the writers/filmmakers never give him any real purpose. You look at the DNA from icons like Freddy, Jason, Michael and Norman. They all were driven by a sense of purpose. Hell...even Leatherface made shit from his victims body parts including some tasty Texas chili. "Hollow Face" is never given any kind of real purpose...other than...he just wants to steal little kids. And he wears a hoodie.

The basic premise concerns a couple of kids as told through a parallel universe who are living in different locations but are visited nightly by the same dark figure with no face. "Hollow Face". They struggle to find a way to stop this "Hollow Face" guy from taking possession of them and pulling them into a dark world of torment. And that basic premise does work for the first two thirds of the film. It's the stupid ending and poor script choices that pulls you out of the horror film you are watching and plant you firmly into the made-for-TV-film that you've been watching all along. I just wish that genre storytellers would find the courage to really tell something that is truly frightening rather than always settling for the "real-life" reveal. "Real-life" fuckin' sucks! Keep us in the goddamn horror film!

Anyway, Intruders  is basically a Lifetime Original Movie disguised as an original horror tale that hearkens back to those old school fables that would make you wanna go to sleep under your covers as a kid. It's a shame, really...because had the makers of this film really taken a chance, we might've been in store for something really memorable. Instead, you'll feel as if someone took your dollar and gave you a wasted opportunity of a film, in its place. But it does have naked milf boobies in it. So, there's that.

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