There's just something about that above screenshot of Lupita Cabrera from Rudy Gold's latest short film effort VLOG  that screams sexy and unnerving all in the same breath. It's one of my favorite shots from the film as it gives an excellent example of why The Midnight Horror Show filmmakers may go on to bigger things.

I know...I's a bit silly to predict the success of filmmakers based on one photo still. However, when you further examine the pretty much has everything you would want from a horror film. It lures you in, while cautioning you to stay the fuck away at the same time. It provokes all kinds of thought and emotion. It's innocent and menacing. It's the kind of thing absent from most horror films that enjoy mainstream release every month. Subtlety. If used correctly, subtlety can elicit the most primal fear inside us all. The kind of fear hidden within our imagination.

Rudy Gold's latest short film VLOG: The Devil Exists works on many levels. That subtle scare I talked about is present throughout the film, as well as that unpredictable unknown scare. You don't know what will happen next. All of your senses shut down and when you regain realize that you've lost all control. Utilizing the found footage formula to an impressive degree, VLOG  manages to creep the fuck out of you. Also, Bud Mertz is in it.

Please enjoy...