We love us some indie horror films around these parts. As a matter of fact, they are some of the most interesting films the genre has to offer. Unfortunately, these smaller films don't get much press. Well...not on our watch, Deviants!

Independent films are a tricky thing to pull off correctly. Especially in this genre of horror that we all love. Some films go down as cult legend...and some films end up at the dollar bin at your local Walmart.

Veil is a new film written and directed by Paul Busetti that will, hopefully, see the light of a projector later this year. Here is the official press release:

Ten Sundays Productions (Cannibal Cheerleader Camp, Boxing Day) is proud topresent the feature horror film Veil.

The film stars Joseph Durbin (Deadlands 2), Devon Marie Brookshire(Ninjas vs. Vampires), Josh Davidson (Ghosts Don’t Exist), Kendra North(Witch’s Brew), and newcomer Meghan Nelson.

The temptation to have a one night stand leads a man to a distant town anda woman with a dark agenda. When he doesn’t return, it falls upon his blacksheep sister to uncover the truth about what happened.

The film is written & directed by Paul Busetti and produced by Busettialong with Chris Kiros (Zombthology) and Josh Davidson (Dead iSland). ExecutiveProduced by Leo Curbelo and Elizabeth Katherine Gray.

Filming took place over the winter on location in Virginia & Maryland. Veil is currently in postproduction and isslated for a fall 2012 release.


Check out some official stills from the film (click on the images for a bigger version):


Can't wait to see what happens!