FILM REVIEW: Behind Your Eyes (2011)

Independent film is a great medium for a filmmaker to show his/her audience what they can do with what little they have due to the inherent budget restraints that go along with indie films. And there are many great examples of talented filmmakers out there in the genre doing just that. Unfortunately, for every great example of independent horror filmmaking there are the terrible experiences that exist as well. This is a story of one of those terrible experiences.

Behind Your Eyes  is available right now at your local RedBox under the horror category. So, for a mere can bring home a grand example of a super tame horror/thriller that won't scare you in any way. While I do admire the attempt of the filmmakers here, there are just way too many examples of good indie horror films out there to fuck around with a film like this.

The premise is kind of a convoluted one...especially when you get to the "payoff". I won't give away any of the "plot-twists" or anything. The film opens with a sort of interesting kill, I suppose. Or, at least, interesting enough to hold your interest long enough to see what's to come. Unfortunately, that's where all the interest ended for me. Something about a "perfect couple" heading off to some guy's parents' house for the weekend and the couple getting kidnapped and tortured and then the fucking "plot-twist" that is supposed to pull the rug out from under you. Only, it doesn't.

Clint Lien is the man helming the film here...and I'm sure he will go on to better things. The issues lie more in the script and dialogue and the actual delivery of those things. At the end of the either give a fucky fuck about the characters in the story being told...or you don't. The performances here are the kind you might see in a soap opera on PBS. But, you can't really fault the actors when everything they're saying comes off laughable and unrealistic. It's as if the writers of the film (Daniel Fanaberia) didn't have the slightest grasp of how people talk in real life.

Speaking of Daniel Fanaberia...he's pretty much the only bright spot here. I'm talking bright like a low watt bulb in a dark stinky alley. He plays the weird shady guy that has issues. I can see this guy moving on to SyFy Original Movies. Heh.

I'll never fault the FX/Gore involved in films like this because of the lack of budget in the indie circuit. But, a filmmaker can certainly work around those things by creating a riveting premise and believable characters. Too bad this film has none of these. Which makes the FX/Gore altogether lame.

Oh! And would it have killed Frida Farrell to show a boobie or two? I mean...she's kind of not too far off from Skinamax territory in terms of talent. That was a little mean...wasn't it? I'm sorry, Frida...I didn't mean it in that way. I was merely trying to illustrate that you appear to have nice boobies and you should really take advantage of that aspect of your talents seeing as your acting really isn't that great. Wait...I did it again...didn't I? I'm such a meanie. mentioned somewhere above, Behind Your Eyes  is now available at your local RedBox under the horror section. There are much better examples of good independent horror filmmaking out there so, there's really no need to waste your time or money on a muddled mess of a film like this.

Behind Frida's Eyes...mmmmm.

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