DEVIANT NEWS: The Daywalt Fear Factory is Creating More...Fear

So, you DVR'd Leprechaun's Revenge, watched it with your horror buddies and introduced them all to the world of Drew Daywalt. Now you and your friends are fiending for more fear from the master of the horror short film. Well...we've got some news that will get your blood pumping

Just the other day we were asking each other here at the Film Deviant Death Star if anyone could name a horror film with a unicorn in it. We were all stumped. Seriously, unless you count the recent Cabin in the one's ever made a straight horror film involving the mythical unicorn. Then, I received a press release from The Daywalt Fear Factory about a couple new horror short films slated for a Summer release and instantly got super excited...especially when I read the part about a brutal tooth fairy!

Here's the official PRESS RELEASE complete with cool pics:

Smoke plumes are once again rising from the long dormant Daywalt Fear Factory. With two new shorts in the can and debuting over the next month, the DFF team came right off of their recent feature film for Syfy and got back to the serious business of short horror.

First up is MEAT, a cheeky little piece of the macabre about two rednecks, AJ Bowen (HORRIBLE WAY TO DIE, HOUSE OF THE DEVIL) and Ed Ackerman (FROZEN, CHILLERAMA) and their late night encounter with... a unicorn. Written and directed by Drew Daywalt and produced by Robert Galluzzo and Jeff Farley.

On the heels of that is WANTS MORE TEETH, about a woman and her daughter and their brutal encounter with the tooth fairy. The film was written and directed by Drew Daywalt and produced by Drew Daywalt and Jeff Farley. It, stars Courtney Halverson (DEATH VALLEY, LEPRECHAUN'S REVENGE) and Abigail Daywalt (THERE'S NO SUCH THING), with a cameo by filmmaker Marichelle Daywalt (MOCKINGBIRD, MANY DOORS OF ALBERT WHALE). Creature FX by Farley, costumes by Sarah Mgeni and score by Gregory Burkart/CORVO.

Both films will be released online summer 2012.

To say that I am absofuckinglutely excited to see these films would be one of the grandest understatements of my writing career. The only other film that I'm more excited to see this year is The Avengers....because, well, it's the freakin' Avengers, man.

We'll keep you posted on exactly when these babies come out! In the meantime, please do yourself a favor and leave the lights on when you go visit The Daywalt Fear Factory.

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