CLOWNIE REVIEW: [Rec] (2007) & [Rec] ² (2009)

YoU nEed a cReePy cLoWniE to enteRtain a pArty? I shOw uP, eAt yoUr food & teLL a couPLe of joKes!! My LovE foR fiLm is on YouTubEs, no sEnse whAtsOevEr, juSt me, a camEra and LotS of TimE!

GhoulHectic Clownie is one interesting individual. When he's not entertaining at hellish parties...he's watching some of the scariest horror films out there. I met GhoulHectic through Jill Kill and found him to be a really cool person with a unique insight into filmmaking. He's especially knowledgeable about the genre that we love so much....horror. Clownie will be unveiling some exclusive reviews for Film Deviant soon....but, in the meantime, I wanted to introduce you to his dark world of circus drums (he currently plays drums for the nightmarish band The Rhythm Coffin) and hellish antics.

And while [REC]³ Génesis will be premiering soon, I also wanted to catch you up on the previous [Rec] films in a way that you're probably not accustomed to.

Ladies and Deviants...allow me to introduce....Mr. GhoulHectic Clownie and his reviews of the [Rec] films...



If you can't get enough of the Clownie's antics...please stalk him at the following sites:

Thanks for reading/watching!