DEVIANT TRAILER: Leprechaun's Revenge (2012)

The Syfy Original Movie...Leprechaun's Revenge, directed by Drew Daywalt,  has absolutely nothing in the slightest in common with the Leprechaun series made popular in the 90's. Don't worry...this film doesn't take place in the 'hood.

Instead, Leprechaun's Revenge (formerly Red Clover) takes place in a small town where a mean old leprechaun has been imprisoned within the roots of an old oak tree. He's accidentally set free on St. Patrick's Day and proceeds to seek his gory revenge on the descendants of the ones who imprisoned him in the first place. I mean...wouldn't you be a little pissed if someone cursed you to live in the roots of a damn oak tree?

The film stars veteran actor and overall badass, William Devane. A man whom you'll surely remember if you happen to be a big Knot's Landing fan. Or...if you remember the film Timestalkers from the 80's. You know...the one where Klaus Kinski plays the crazy scientist. Come to think of it...Kinski played a lot of crazy scientists...or at least it seems that way. Billy Zane also shows up playing a sheriff tasked with hunting the evil leprechaun. Put a cork in it, Zane! (love Zoolander).

Courtney Halverson, Andrea Frankle, Kelly Washington and Azure Parsons are all very lovely...and they're all also in Leprechaun's Revenge. Oh...and did I mention Drew Daywalt? He should be reason enough to watch the film. His horror shorts are usually superior to many genre films that Hollywood churns out these days.

Check out the teaser trailer...


Be sure to catch Leprechaun's Revenge when it makes its Syfy debut on Saturday, March 17th @ 9/8c!

Drew Daywalt is a master practitioner at scaring the living fuck out of his audience. He's one of the hardest working men in the genre and he studies fear like some people study science. It's taken years for this particular project to finally become a reality as it has undergone a few other titles (including our personal favorite, Red Clover) until Syfy settled on Leprechaun's Revenge. The film also boasts original music by Corvo! For more of Daywalt's horror shorts, visit his Daywalt Fear Factory HERE!

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