DEVIANT TRAILER: The Moth Diaries (2012)

The Moth Diaries trailer is here.

There's nothing like creepy-looking girls in a horror movie. I mean...just watch the trailer. I feel like these girls walked off the set of a Fulci/Argento film from the late 70's. I think if I ever woke up and one of these girls was standing over me...watching me...I might very well wet myself. Creepy girls scare me.

Anyway, The Moth Diaries is a brand new take on the very old vampire story that also teases girl-on-girl action. Directed by Mary Harron (who also directed the great film adaptation of American Psycho), the film stars Sarah Bolger and Lily Cole as the creeper girls. AND...fuckin' Scott Speedman turns up as the cliche stud teacher in an all girls school who happens to know everything there is to know about vampire lore. Probably learned everything from Selene.

The film actually looks pretty goddamn good. Check it...


The Moth Diaries currently has an April 20th, 2012 release's rated R! Sign us up!

Why so creepy, Lily?