DEVIANT NEWS: Evil Dead, Insidious & Silent House Stuff

Here's a nice shot that director Fede Alvarez shared with the world from the Evil Dead remake set. It's a really cool indication that this might not be a bad film. I realize that's a bit much to devote to the remake of a certified classic that hasn't even begun filming yet. However, I like the effort Alvarez gave in finding just the right woods to shoot the film. Those trees look really sinister and I can totally see them coming to life and raping people.

There's also some new casting news worth mentioning...

We heard a month ago that Lily Collins was going to play the lead role of Mia. However, due to scheduling conflicts Collins had to drop out of the role. So, she's been replaced by Jane Levy...who, I'm sure you'll remember from...umm...well...I'm not sure where she's from because I've never heard of her. But, she is hot and her eyes might look cool in possession-style white contacts.

Another addition to the Evil Dead cast is an actor who you might remember from the oft overlooked Deadgirl. Or, at least, I hope you remember him from Deadgirl and not Red Riding Hood. Shiloh Fernandez is a pretty solid actor with striking looks that will look pretty creepy in "deadite" make-up. He'll be playing the lead male role of David.

In other supernatural horror news, The Hollywood Reporter says that James Wan and Leigh Whannell are in talks to come back for another round of Insidious. The original film made tons of money for all involved so, this doesn't come as a real surprise. Especially if you remember how the film ended. Not much is known about what this sequel might be about because Wan is busy shooting The Conjurer for an early 2013 release. However, it is interesting to note that the studio is looking to shoot this by the end of the year for a release sometime in 2013. I'm not sure how I feel about a sequel to a film that had a really strong first half and sort of fell apart when they left things open for another installment at the end. Especially if they're gonna rush the goddamn thing.

I actually wouldn't be surprised if they made sequels to Insidious for every October replacing Wan's Saw films as the go-to film for the Halloween season. Perhaps they can write in a dog that has astral projection powers. I'm actually kind of excited for The Conjurer that has to do with other supernatural stuff and stars, personal crush, Vera Farmiga as well as Insidious alum, Patrick Wilson.

Finally, check out the new poster for the American remake Silent House...

As the poster states...Silent House comes out March 9th. This reminds me that I've been slacking on my foreign horror films and I still haven't watched the original La Casa Muda yet! I've been meaning to check it out ever since I heard about it a couple years back. The premise is an interesting one as it is all supposedly shot in one take. I think I'll dig up my copy of La Casa Muda tonight and let you know how it is.

In the mean time, Elizabeth Olsen is supposed to be pretty good in the remake and here's the trailer for Silent House...

Thanks for reading!