Just figured this was worth mentioning. Phil Collins' daughter will star in the new Evil Dead remake. *UPDATE: NO SHE WON'T!*According to Variety, Lily Collins dropped out of the quasi remake due to time constraints. The search is now officially on for her replacement. Read on for details on the role she was going to play. 'k, thanks!

Now...don't worry...I won't go into my cynical rant about this odd film project. For can go HERE. However, I will say that this casting choice sort of intrigues me a little. I actually liked Lily Collins in last year's Priest. I felt that she was sorely under-used in the film and could probably serve as a presence if given the opportunity to showcase some of her acting ability. This Evil Dead  remake could be her moment to show the world what she's capable of.

Collins will be playing Mia in the film. A young girl who goes off to the infamous cabin to deal with her drug addiction demons with a bunch of friends. Apparently some demons of the Candarian variety get unleashed during this drug detoxing and all hell ensues. I won't speculate how or why the deadites show up...but, seeing as how the character of Ash won't be in this remake, I will say that the character of Mia seems to be the anchor in the film. If so...then, this presents an interesting take on the Evil Dead  mythology, as the focus will be on a reluctant female hero this time around. That might be cool...right?

Anyway...we'll hold any further speculation for the film until April of 2013. That's when it's supposed to come out. Notice how I didn't say anything about Diablo Cody in this article? ...But Seriously I'll refrain from any Phil Collins jokes for now.

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