DEVIANT DISCS: January 31st, 2012

Just wanted to mention some noteworthy DVD/BluRay releases for this week. Also wanted to mention how absolutely amazing it would be for Howard to join the Chicago Bulls.

This week we have some decent stuff coming out...let's take a look-see, shall we?

We've been excited to check out Dead Hooker in a Trunk for awhile now!

Mostly because we're big fans of hot female filmmakers. The film also looks pretty damn cool. The Soska sisters wrote, produced and directed this interesting little film about four friends who go about their normal everyday routine until they find a dead hooker in the trunk of their car which places the group in a fight for their lives. The twin Soska sisters also star in the film which promises gore, violence and all kinds of craziness. We'll check it out and post a review soon!

The Thing remake/prequel comes out this week as well. You can read our official review of the film HERE. It's an ok film that mostly sucks John Carpenter off. We would like to point out that Mary Elizabeth Winstead is in this film whom we are completely in love with. She's like that hot Starbucks barista that winks at you and tells you that she'll see you tomorrow. So, you show up the following day in hopes that you'll see her again...only it's her day, you end up purchasing a 5 dollar latte. Why the hell does Starbucks make those things so good and so expensive?? It's like crack cocaine...with soy milk. Anyway...Mary Elizabeth Winstead is pretty damn hot...and she's in this completely unnecessary film which comes out this week on DVD and BluRay. We could stare at Mary all day...

Hahahahahaha...ahahahaha......heh. Sorry...just thought of something really funny...hahahahaha! Really sorry...just can't stop laughing., umm...Dream House comes out this week. You can read our official reviewHERE. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahaha..... wow...can't stop laughing for some reason!

Spiderhole also comes out this week. It looks kinda interesting. This is one we haven't gotten a chance to check out yet. It's about a four homeless artsy types that take up residence in an old abandoned London house and soon discover that this is the wrong fucking house to squat in. Looks cool...I guess.

The Sleeper  makes its way to DVD shelves this week, as well. We've been so psyched for this one when we first heard of it. Can't wait to put this in the DVD player! The Sleeper also boasts the coolest looking poster that hearkens back to a time when all was right in the world of horror. If you click on it (on the left here) you'll be able to check it out in ultra-deviant-hi-fi mode! Anway...the film takes place in a sorority house (!) back in 1981 (!!) where a killer is stalking a bunch of hot girls (!!!) at their most vulnerable. This one's pretty much a no brainer. We'll have the official review up soon!

Some re-releases that also make their way to DVD/BluRay shelves this week include: Last Stop on The Night Train (1975) and Dr. Jekyll vs the Werewolf (1972).

What will you watch in the dark tonight?

Thanks for reading!