HOLIDAY HELL WEEK - Never feed him after midnight!

There are 7 days until Christmas and there's no horror in sight. Unfortunately, the most wonderful time of the year is not really known for big horror film, we're left to play catch up on what we missed during the past year. We're actually hard at work here at Film Deviant on our year's end list. We're trying something a little different this year and we can't wait for you to check it out. In the meantime, we have some randomness for you to enjoy during this Holiday Hell Week.

I'm not going to attempt to say something about Gremlins that hasn't been said before...other than...the film seriously made me want to turn into a fun-seeking maniac with a white mohawk who enjoys goin' around killing stupid people for thrills. Has that ever been said about Gremlins? I dunno...maybe somewhere. Well, fortunately for stupid people, I outgrew that short-lived Stripe-envy (I was 10 at the time). Instead, I made my mom construct a pretty kickass Stripe costume for Halloween that year...and I pretended to cause mayhem around my neighborhood. I wore that costume for like a month afterward.

Gremlins isn't a particularly scary film. It's kind of a funny, light-hearted fantasy tale about little green creatures running amok after Billy allows them to eat some Brown's chicken after midnight. It's, arguably, Joe Dante's best work. Unless your one of those Dante purists that swears by The Howling. I guess...I might pick The Howling, too...over Gremlins. It's a cooler film. But, from beginning to end...Gremlins stands as a better film, technically. It has everything in it. You'll'll'll watch Corey Feldman play with a Mogwai.

Anyway, Gremlins is a great Christmas movie. The entire film takes place on the holy holiday and it'll surely get you in that spirit. I love Gremlins...even to this day.

Oh...did I mention Phoebe Cates?? She was like the Megan Fox of that time. Except prettier. And smarter. God, I had such a crush on Phoebe. Especially after watching her in Fast Times at Rigdemont High. I think I was like 9 when I saw that film. My mom let me watch alot of cable when I was, I caught that whole masturbatory sequence at a much too early age. Can you imagine a horny little weirdo running around in a goddamn Stripe costume?

Check out Gremlins tonight. It's one of the best Christmas-themed films in the genre.

Heidi Klum doing her best Phoebe Cates.

Have a Scary Christmas!