HOLIDAY HELL WEEK - My Name is Kris Kringle

So, we're continuing our Christmas randomness with Day Two of HOLIDAY HELL WEEK. Speaking of randomness, my son took his picture with Santa today and it got me thinking about how weird an idea Santa Claus is. Some big guy that dresses in red and white who literally breaks into your house once a year to deliver gifts. What if that guy was wasn't who you thought he was. What if he was a Deviant?

I'm sure you already know Drew Daywalt's name by now. If you don't...then, you should probably get on that. There's really no excuse. I mean...we hosted Daywalt Horror Week here at Film Deviant last April, for Christ's sake. He's an all around nice guy who understands horror much better than most filmmakers out there. He is the best there is at creating short little films that will evoke fear within your soul.

Mr. Daywalt created a little twisted holiday horror tale exclusively for my all-time favorite horror magazine Fangoria not too long ago. God, I remember collecting Fango's when I was a kid. So, happy they're still around. Anyway, his short film stars none other than R.A. Mihailoff as the legendary Kris Kringle. You may recall R.A. from Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III...the last true sequel to the original Texas Chainsaw story arc. He's pretty badass and I wouldn't blame you if you get a little scared by his performance in My Name is Kris Kringle.

Check it out...

Drew Daywalt recently wrapped production on a SyFy Channel original movie that will premiere sometime in the new year. In the meantime, you can check out his Daywalt Fear Factory for more scares HERE! Also, pick up MTV's Death Valley: Season 1 (Uncensored) on DVD HERE! Drew directed a few episodes of that awesome show!

Have a Scary Christmas!