HOLIDAY HELL WEEK - Deviant Gift Ideas

We hope your Christmas week is going well. We're enjoying our HOLIDAY HELL WEEK around these parts. Today we're gonna shift our attention to one of the best parts of the holiday season. The GIFTS! Got someone you know that is hard to find a gift for? There's still time to run out and get your loved one that something special and we're here to offer some really awesome suggestions!

Diablo Cody's working on an unneeded Evil Dead remake. So, why not enjoy the most definitive version of the original Evil Dead 2??

I'm sure you may own just about every version of the masterpiece that ever came out...but, this one's the Real Deal Holyfield. I'm not kidding when I say that you'll be mesmerized for hours watching everything this 25th Anniversary Edition has to offer...which includes some new featurettes as well as all the original commentary from the older releases that have since gone down as legend. Lionsgate really went all out with this version and it is a MUST have for the gorehound in your family! Get it HERE for around ten bucks!

Speaking of dead things. What if you went to a beautiful island resort...only to be awoken by zombies?

That's pretty much the premise in Dead Island...a zombie game available for your PC, Xbox 360 or PS3. It's kind of amazing that you can actually place yourself smack in the middle of a goddamn zombie outbreak at your own convenience these days. Gotta love technology. I played an app on my iPad 2 just the other day where I was the Hobo With A Shotgun. Pretty fuckin' awesome. Anyway...the game features "open world" roaming played from a first-person perspective...which is kind of cool, 'cause you can pretty much wander where ever you want. Pick it up for the gamer in your life for around 40 bucks...HERE!

Maybe you want that "special someone" to play with something else...other than a video game.

Well...have I got the toy for you! How about a Special Edition Fleshlight Sex-In-A-Can SUCCU DRY? I'm not even joking here. This thing actually exists. For around the same price of that Dead Island game we just talked can get a rubber mouth in a can! WITH FANGS! This thing is so small and can take it with you anywhere. For that horny man with a vampire fetish who is always on the go. I wish that Film Deviant was a bit more mainstream so that Fleshlight could send us some samples of the SUCCU DRY for a more proper in-depth review of the toy. For those of you true Deviants interested in a masturbatory device WITH FANGS...head over to Amazon(?!) HERE. I've already got mine on order. Just kidding. Maybe.

But what if the "special someone" you're shopping for...doesn't have a penis?

Fear not, friends...Necronomicox has the solution for you! They have the Full-Color Zombie Dildo for those that are craving undead cock. Or for a more Gieger-esque sexual experience...there's the black and white Skull Fucker. Or, perhaps, if your female friend LOVES H.P. Lovecraft...then there's the Cthulhu Dildo in three different color variants. These rubbery works of art are a bit pricey...ranging from $150-$250. However, if you have a girl in your life whom you love dearly that would seriously get off at something like a zombie dildo...then, I ask can you put a price tag on love? Collect 'em all over at the Necronomicox Gift Shop!

Speaking of toys...of the non-sexual variety. Ever watch the Nightmare on Elm Street movies and wished for your very own replica of your favorite Freddy sequel?

Look no further than NECA! Perhaps the best in the business at creating toys of some of the most iconic horror movies that have ever existed, NECA has been churning out some pretty impressive action figures for years now. This new Freddy Krueger line is no exception. There's the original Nightmare on Elm Street and NOES 2: Freddy's well as NOES 3: The Dream Warriors and NOES 4: The Dream Master! Hell...these action figures are probably too good to give away as gifts! They're just so damn awesome! Pick 'em up for around 30 bucks...HERE!

If toys aren't gonna do it...there's always classic literature.

Bram Stoker's Dracula is perhaps the most well-known horror classic ever written. While there's been many versions released over the last century, the novel has never gotten old. It is the blueprint for any film concerning vampires that has ever been released. The starting point. Ben Templesmith is an Australian comic book artist who is probably best known for the Steve Niles written 30 Days of Night series that eventually spawned the film adaptation. What do you get when you put those two things together? A beautiful version, put out by IDW Publishing, of the classic horror tale that started it all. Seriously, this thing is amazing-looking. I love Templesmith's, this one's a no brainer. Especially for the horror collector who has it all. You can't go wrong for just over 10 bucks. You can pick it up HERE!

All of these gifts are fine and dandy. But, what do you get that alcoholic in the family who happens to be a huge fan of old Norwegian sea monsters?

The Kraken Black Spiced Rum is your answer ten times out of ten. I have a funny story to share. I'm so glad you asked. I actually got so drunk off of this rum one year not too long ago around the holiday season...I apparently (this has been told back to me by friends as I was way too drunk to remember a goddamn thing) got up from my chair, walked out into the snowy cold, dropped down to the ground in the middle of the street and started making snow angels. I didn't believe my friends...until they showed me pictures. Anyway, "releasing the Kraken" will surely guarantee good times this holiday season...especially if you combine it with that SUCCU DRY from earlier. Get The Kraken HERE or at your local Target.

Now...if the person that you are shopping for has everything on this list. 

Then, you need to high five that person and get them one of our exclusive Film Deviant t-shirts available in many great colors and sizes HERE!

So, there you have it..friends! A few last minute gift ideas for the horror lover in your life who is extremely difficult to shop for. I don't care what they say...if you show up on Christmas with a fuckin' SUCCU will be the one horror-themed gift that they will never forget. I promise.

Either way...make sure that hard to shop for person finds something truly Deviant under his or her Christmas tree!