Remakes are usually a bad idea.

They are almost always unneeded, unjustified wastes of time that no one ever asked for...other than the greedy movie industry executives. Now...I'll admit...every now and then we'll see a remake that comes along that actually takes a different spin on the elements that made the original so great and turn it into a fun film. However...that was not really the case with 2006's Black Christmas...the remake of the 1974 horror classic of the same name.

Now...I'm not gonna call this the worst horror remake I've ever seen. That prestige belongs to the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street. It has its charms. The gore, for instance, is actually quite good and the actresses in the remake do a really good job...for the most part. It's just...when you're remaking a film like Black Christmas you're pretty much setting yourself up for a mountain of a task. Especially considering that the original film is not just a holiday favorite in the genre...but, it is considered a great horror film on its own merits.

So...why remake a gem like Black Christmas??

Who the hell knows? I'm pretty much done trying to rationalize the many stupid decisions of individuals with more money than I will ever see. I do know one thing, though. The one thing the Black X-Mas remake definitely got perfect...was the bevy of beauties in the film. It remains one of the hottest ensembles in any horror film of the last decade. Too bad the film kind of skimps on the flesh.

So, if the weather outside is frightful...and the hot girls in your remake are truly delightful....and since there's no place to go....please enjoy some of the hot girls of the 2006 version of Black Christmas...

Michelle Trachtenberg is insane hot! I mean...Holy Jesus!

So is Lacey Chabert. Remember her? Party of Five...Lost in Space...anyone?

Katie Cassidy? Yeah...she's hot, too. Especially as a brunette!

If there was ever an MVP for would be Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

So...what did we learn in today's installment of HOLIDAY HELL WEEK? Well...not much, I guess. Other than if you're gonna remake a classic horror film and don't plan on making it any better than the original. At least cast it with superhumanly hot trim and it will most likely end up in my DVD collection.

Have a very scary Christmas!