HOLIDAY HELL WEEK - Billy Chapman is Coming to Town

He knows if you've been bad or good.

Silent Night, Deadly Night was released onto the world on November 9th, 1984 along with a tsunami of controversial reception. To this day it is considered the most notorious Christmas-themed film of all time. At the time, Siskel and Ebert both condemned the film...going as far as reading the production credits on the air and exclaiming the word "shame" after each name. Douche bags. One day karma will catch up to them. Oh...wait. Never mind.

At the center of all that crazy contention was a little boy named Billy Chapman. All he wanted was a normal life. You know, the kind of life where a deranged Santa doesn't shoot your father to death and rape your mother on Christmas night. I that too much for a little kid to ask for?

After being raised in a warped Catholic orphanage, Billy forms his own conclusions about Christmas and one day snaps while wearing a Santa outfit and proceeds to "punish" the town folk. You have to feel for the poor kid. In a society where young minds are shaped every day by their harsh environment, it is no wonder kids grow up to do such evil things.

I remember watching the film when I was like 13 or so. I rented the VHS with the huge clam case from West Coast Video back in the day. Actually, my mom rented it for me...because, well...they would never let a 13 year old walk out of the store with such a film. But, I remember thinking what a disturbing film it was back when my young, innocent eyes first gazed at the imagery. Then, again...I had such a masturbatory crush on Linnea Quigley back then...I probably just watched it for the antler scene.

I've watched Silent Night, Deadly Night countless times since and the film's initial shock value has pretty much worn off. I mostly view it as a sympathetic character-driven film about a young boy shaped by his warped surroundings. I mostly feel sorry for Billy Chapman and hope that him and his family make it home ok that one fateful Christmas evening every single time I watch it. 

Anyway, I sincerely hope that your Christmas goes much better then poor little Billy's. Pick up the film from Amazon HERE!

By the way...not all Santas are bad...

Have a Very Scary Christmas!